A tailors story

or there will be cheese

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Allergy notice: No garlic or perfume allowed on site! Ingen vitlök eller parfym tillåten på siten! 

Once upon a time a man came to a most excellent event steward and gave him a date and asked him to hold a crown tourney.

Come back in a week, and i will give you my plans.

The man came back a week later and asked for his crown tourney. The event steward bit his lip and said, "Well, it didn't become a crown tourney." The man asked what it became and the steward said, "Well, it became a principality tourney instead. Come back in a week and i shall show you the plans."

The man left, and came back a week later.

"Have you the plans for my coronet tourney done?" The steward looked abashed and said, "Well, it didn't become a coronet tourney."

The man then asked what it became, and the man answered, "Well, we have a site and a lot of cheese? So.... A feast and merry entertainment?"

The man went home and told everybody that there will be cheese.

Event information

The event is scheduled for the 9-11th of October.

If someone manages to catch Sven there will be a new reindeer guardian. It will be decided in a three part competition consisting of Archery, Arts & Science and a Quiz.

The site is Allégården in Bygdeträsk, Bygdeträsk 217 if you write it into your GPS.

The event will be moderately wet. We're asking you to keep your alkohol consumation moderat.

Common showers and Sauna available, but note that they can be vectors for covid-19.

Attendance limit is 40. There is two rooms with beds available, bring your own linens. If you have a caravan or bring a tent there will be place to put that up, note that tenting in October can be cold.


Young adults and Adults 350SEK (16-death)
Youth 150SEK (7-15)
Kids 0 SEK (0-6)


Link to registration here.

Payment information will be provided after registration, Foreign guests can pay at the door

If you experience symptoms STAY AT HOME. We will return your money no questions asked.

Event Steward

Þórólfr Blót-Úlfsson (Leif Ershag)


Head Chef

Kheldor de Geer (Jörgen Öhman)

Registered persons

Drotin Þórólfr Blót-Úlfsson
Lady Ermina av Reengarda
Lord  Kheldor deGeer av klanen McCullin
Lady Marianne DeGeer
Fru Kålug
Lady Martina 
King Æríkr inn Hárfagri
Queen Jacquelyna
Drotin Alfarinn Refr
Fru Ragnhild Jägerhorn
Seigneur Ezechiel Corbin
Fru Hildur den Kölhalade
Lady Viriya 
Fru Kakwkylla
Herr Kjartan av Frostheim
Fru Caroline av Gotvik
Lordi Lord Eino Karjalainen Beatanpoika Pöksyläinen Lindu of Finnmórk aff Weselax
Fru Hildegard av Bure
Fru Petronilla Karlsdotter
Aki Gussason
Ursa Margaretesdotter
Lady Aeirin av Varoijve
Varakreivitär Kareina Talventytär
Herr Hauk Knutsson
Villiam Forsberg
Fru Dis Trumpetare 
Oskar (4år) 
Emil (1år)
Fru Rana 
herr Valdemar Røde
Herr Erik Knutsson Drake
Herr farkas halvskägg

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