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Welcome to Reengarda! 

1000+ Years of History to play with

We are the Västerbotten chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international organisation dedicated to recreating history. We cover more than a thousand years of history, from very early, through the Middle Ages, and into the Renaissance; everything from before 1600!

What do we do?

A little bit of everything!  If you can think of something fun that has been done during our time “period”, we probably know someone who does it.  We cook, sew, dance, sing, make armour, practice fighting in the armour, do woodworking, archery, board games, and so much more...

When do we do it?

As a group we meet every other week at the “Studefrämjand” rooms downstairs ("hubben") at Kanalgatan 57 in Skellefteå for a social/crafts afternoon gathering. Everyone is welcome! Bring a project to work on if you like, or just enjoy seeing what others are working on. A perfect place to meet interesting people and get inspired to participate in as many hobbies as you like!

Any big events?

Yes! See the Calendar for our next event.

Every spring we hold a weekend event for members and guests only called “JMB”, which is short for “Jungfru Maria Bebådelsedagsgille”, but is also called “Waffle day”. This is a Medieval holiday that takes place in March to celebrate the Virgin Mary. In Sweden they call her “Vår Fru” (our lady), which sounds very much like “våfflor” (waffles), and thus, because of this pun, it is traditional to eat waffles to celebrate.  This we do on the Sunday morning of the event, before cleaning up and going home.  

The JMB event runs from Friday evening through to the Sunday waffle breakfast, with the highpoint of the event being Saturday evening’s banquet.


Like all formal events for our society, all participants dress in clothing appropriate to pre-1600 history, and bring their own dishes for the feast and other accessories. But you are the one to decide which time period, location, and level of authenticity you wish to have for your clothing and accessories, and all are welcome. We are happy to help you make your own, and we have some available to borrow if you prefer.

Any other events?

Yes! The last couple of years we have also held an Oktoberfest each autumn, and we also travel to events in the neighbouring groups of Frostheim (Luleå), Uma (Umeå), or even further afield, across all of Drachenwald (Europe).

What about events for the public?

Yes! The Skellefteå Medeltidsdagar! Every other year we, in conjunction with Skellefteå Kommune, organise the Skellefteå Medieval Days, an open to the public event to share our love of history and bring the Middle Ages alive. You are welcome to join us in costume demonstrating what we do, or to be part of the visiting public.

How do I get in touch?

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